Did you know 39% of a buyer’s decision to purchase from your company is directly related to the effectiveness of the salesperson? Research shows that traditional interviewing only has a 15-20% chance of predicting sales success. In order to measurably improve sales force performance, it is crucial for any business to use some form of sales assessment. This process should include some form of both pre-employment and career development assessments.

By using a high quality sales assessment system you can:

  • Measure and quantify the successes and failures of your sales staff
  • Determine which sales strategies are most effective 
  • Develop a culture of competitive urgency
  • Effectively and efficiently train sales staff and managers

Market Results can help you identify the traits that predict success on the job. A fundamental element of sales development is to build the finest sales staff possible. Our process includes implementing our extensive Sales Assessment System.

Sales Assessment System

Our Sales Assessment System has been developed to dramatically improve sales force performance.  Our innovative scoring system is based on a database containing assessments and performance results of over 300,000 people.  This gives us the ability to not only diagnose issues and problems but we also can predict future outcomes.