Collin Garstang
Dennis Nash

Dennis and Collin are thirty-year veterans in marketing and sales with a focus on building “Trusted Advisor” relationships for their clients with an organized and disciplined approach to integrating both into the client’s overall business plan. Throughout their management careers as corporate executives and consultants they have developed extensive experience in cross-functional communications and business processes to define, build and manage their client’s businesses for successful results.They have consulted companies in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, industrial, high tech, life sciences, finance, services, and others.  They have successfully led all aspects of company’s growth, including marketing, sales, business planning and development, major account penetration, channel expansion, marketing communications and recruiting. In addition, they have managed change with marketing and sales teams, directed strategic growth plans, integrated product diversification and initiated strategic global sales realignment to increase competitive position. Prior to forming Market Results Ventures they held a variety of domestic and international marketing and sales positions with IBM, General Electric, as well as other companies. Over the years they have built alliances with:

  • David Lord
  • Synectics Media
  • TeclaUSA
  • Clearwing Productions
  • Accent Reductions Institute
  • Saphran Solutions
  • Banner-Day
  • West Pole, Inc.
  • CEBOS, Ltd.
  • Integral Solutions, Inc.
  • The iMiH Group, Inc.
  • TM Smith Tool International Corporation
  • Strategic Development & Sales LLC
  • DataSpeaks Health Solutions