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Putting the Right Employees in the Right Jobs to Better Execute Your Business Strategies

Market Result’s solutions can help you strategically select, align and develop your employees to achieve sales and organizational needs and objectives.

  • Identify incumbent salespeople
    • Most adept at developing new business (“hunters”)
    • Best suited to managing existing customer relationships (“farmers”)
    • Handling Strategic Accounts
    • Developing into a sales subject matter expert
    • Any other key sales roles that World Class Sales Benchmarking Research has identified
  • Discover which sales representative or manager has the skills to transition to new leadership roles
  • Determine which salespeople can play a new role to meet the demands of an evolving customer
  • Assess your team against identified competencies, segmented by job profiles to determine what talent potential exists, who is in the right position, and if you need to move or restructure to allow your employees to maximize their full potential.

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Maximizing Your Training Budget by Developing the Right Employees on the Right Competencies using the Talent Audit tool

Market Results helps organizations select the right talent, but we can also help develop and retain that talent to create a prepared pool of managers and leaders. Our developmental tools, such as the Chally Talent Audit, provide information on individuals’ strengths and motivators that will allow you to develop and retain that talent, and to focus them on roles in which they can be successful. The tools allow you to identify talented performers early in their careers so that you can create specific targeted development for them in order to maximize their potential.

The majority of assessment tools available on the market today provide only a generic description of an individual’s style. While style is important, it is only one component of sales or leadership success. Only Chally offers tools that identify a person’s predictive strengths. Chally has completed over 37 years of research and has an actuarial database that can enable an organization to make development decisions based on objective and predictive results.

Four common challenges must be overcome for training to be effective:

  • Maximizing people’s strengths rather than overcoming weaknesses
  • Training the right people for the right jobs
  • Training the “most trainable” people
  • Focusing on the people with the highest potential to improve

The use of Chally’s Assessment tools and Talent Audit can help organizations tailor training to the individuals that need it most.


Job Analysis/Validation/Competency Mapping

Defining what the job entails, validating the assessments results and objective performance data, and mapping the exact competencies for each sales position

Predictive Assessments

To measure competencies against those needed for the position to identify job mis-matches

Performance/Potential Analytics 

Aggregate view of team’s scoring by competency and by position profile to identify strengths in the various positions

Selection – Competency Modeling – Recruiting – On Boarding

Accurately Define and Validate Competencies

Needed to Meet Your Position Objectives

Making effective decisions about selecting talent is nearly impossible when relying on methods that are subjective, inconsistent, not tailored to specific job skills, or because the results are not meaningful enough to support objective and accurate decision making.

However, an assessment that creates truly predictive data is a priceless decision-making tool. That difference is exactly what makes Chally’s assessment a key differentiator for every organization. This unique, web-based assessment system for talent selection is truly the “next generation” of applying strategy to employee selection. Our competency modeling process, which involves a job analysis, validation, and competency mapping, pinpoints the exact skills needed for a specific position to ensure the best candidate is selected.

Eliminate Hiring and Investing in Poor Performers

The key to increasing productivity is not based on trying to find more superstars… but instead to eliminate hiring and investing in poor performers. Most businesses can identify with the simple operating 20/80 rule – 20% of sales people bring in 80% of sales dollars. Chally’s Error Elimination concept can increase productivity by 20%-30% by screening out poor performers and helping replace them with “average” performers (assuming that it may be unrealistic to find a high percentage of “superstars”). Chally has case examples demonstrating a typical ROI for the Chally Predictive Assessment system, as measured by customer-sponsored empirical studies, as being well above industry norms.

  • Chally’s talent management tools reduce turnover on average by 30%. For management, sales, and professional services, this amounts to a $100 million savings for every 100 employees.
  • In addition, where measurable, Chally has been demonstrated to increase productivity per individual employee in the range of 30% to 35%.
  • For executive planning, Chally has been demonstrated to accomplish 85% accuracy in correctly identifying high potentials for specialized development and training.

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